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What Are Electric Fireplaces Made Of?

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Electric fireplaces help to provide the look and atmosphere of having a real fire in your home without many of the downsides.

Electric fireplaces don’t have a real flame, and so many components don’t need to be non-combustible like those found in wood burning fireplaces or stoves.

So what are electric fireplaces made of?

The main parts found in electric fireplaces are typically made of plastic or metal. The bodies of electric fireplaces are generally made from metal or plastic, while the logs are typically made from plastic.

I have electric fireplaces in my home that I use regularly to provide heat and to make the room feel cozy. I’ve explained below what my own electric fireplace is made of to give you an idea of what you can expect from a typical electric fireplace.

What Are Electric Fireplaces Made Of?

I’ve gone through each of the main components for one of my electric fireplaces below to explain what you will typically find each part to be made of.

The electric fireplace I’ll be showing is my freestanding fireplace that’s designed to look like a wood stove. I consider it to be a middle of the range fireplace and so you can expect it to convey what a typical electric fireplace would be made of.

Main body

The main body on my electric fireplace is made from metal. This includes the internal structural components inside helping to keep the fireplace together.

The pictures below show the metal main body on my electric fireplace from all sides.

Electric Fireplace Stove
The main body of my electric fireplace is made of metal
Freestanding Electric Fireplace Depth
The sides are made of metal
Electric Fireplace Back
The back is made of metal

The heater part of the fireplace is located under the main body, and is also made from metal.

Underneath Electric Fireplace
The heater compartment is made of metal


Unlike the main body, the legs on my electric fireplace are made from plastic.

Electric Fireplace Legs
The legs are made from plastic

The electric fireplace came fully assembled apart from the legs, and you can read about putting this fireplace together in another one of my articles.


The door on my electric fireplace opens just like it would on a wood burning stove. The door itself is made from plastic, but there’s a real pane of glass inside of it.

Electric Fireplace Door
The door is made of plastic and there’s a real pane of glass in the door

There’s also a brass effect metal handle on the door.

Electric Fireplace Handle
The door handle is made from brass-style metal


The controls for the electric fireplace are hidden behind a panel that represents the ash pan compartment on a real stove. Both the cover and the controls are made from plastic.

Electric Fireplace Controls Cover
The cover to the controls is plastic
Electric Fireplace Controls
The controls buttons and dials are also plastic


Here’s what my fireplace looks like from the inside.

Inside Electric Fireplace
The compartment separation is metal

There are two main compartments but it’s pretty much empty space. The components in the top compartment are used to produce the flames, while the components in the bottom compartment produce the heat.

The flame effect is controlled by a series of angled reflective pieces located on a rotating rod. These pieces are made from plastic, and project light from LED’s located further within the fireplace onto a backing screen to produce the flickering flames seen from the front of the fireplace.

Electric Fireplace Rotating Mirrors
These rotating pieces are made from plastic

You can read more on how an electric fireplace works in another article here.

Just above the LED’s is the backing screen and logs. This component is one part and made of plastic, as shown below:

Electric Fireplace Behind Door
The backing screen showing the flames is plastic
Electric Fireplace Logs
The logs are also plastic

The heater component at the base of the electric fireplace is made up of a metal blower and metal heating element.

Electric Fireplace Heater
The heater
Electric Fireplace Heater Blower
The blower is made from metal

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