Wood Burning Stove
Me with my dad’s wood burning stove

Hi, I’m James.

I’ve been surrounded by fireplaces all my life, and currently have open fireplaces in both my living room and kitchen. I also have an electric fireplace in my spare bedroom, and my parents both have wood burning stoves in their homes.

I created this website, Fireplace Universe, to help others learn about fireplaces and to understand how they can make the most of them. Fireplaces are a great focal point for any room in a home, especially when having family and friends over.

I pride myself in being able to share my knowledge about fireplaces and bring you in-depth articles with real pictures to help you learn about and understand each type of fireplace.

Our Fireplaces

The fireplace in our living is a traditional open fireplace, and we have fires in this fireplace regularly throughout the winter months. We haven’t done much to this fireplace since buying the house apart from touch it up with some black paint.

Wood Burning Fireplace
The living room fireplace when we bought the house

There was a gas fireplace in our kitchen when we moved in, but I’ve since removed the gas insert and fireplace surround when we renovated the kitchen, as it never worked (wasn’t connected to the gas supply) and didn’t fit in with the modern look of our kitchen.

Gas Fireplace Insert
The gas fireplace insert that was in the kitchen when we bought the house

We’ve yet to decide what we want to do with this fireplace.

I also have an electric fireplace on the wall in the spare bedroom.

Both my parents have installed wood burning stoves in their living room fireplaces, with my dad’s stove providing a more traditional feel and my mother’s stove a more modern look.

Wood Burning Stove
My dad’s wood burning stove
Wood Burning Stove
My mother’s wood burning stove

I hope you find the content I’ve put on this website useful, but if you want to say hi or know anything more about myself please drop me a comment below.


  1. The fake flame doesn’t work anymore. The flames don’t move anymore. Everything else still works. I watched a video and it said to remove back and replace the burnt out light bulbs. But my back says do not remove no useable parts inside.

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