Whichever type of fireplace you have and whatever you’re burning to heat your home, this is my list of the products that are almost essential.

Moisture Meter

Burning wood is dry enough is SO important when it comes to having a successful fire.

Wet wood is one of the main reasons, if not the main reason, why you may struggle to get a fire going, struggle to keep it lit, why the fire isn’t getting hot, and why the fire is smoking, along with a number of other issues.

Wet wood is very hard to burn, and even though logs may be sold as seasoned or kiln dried it doesn’t hurt to ensure that any wood you’re burning is at the 20% moisture content mark or under.

A moisture meter is a fairly inexpensive purchase but can save you a lot of hassle in the long run when using your fireplace or stove.

If I were to buy one thing for our fireplace and stoves it would be a moisture meter.

I recommend getting the General Tools MMD4E Digital Moisture Meter (you can check the latest price over on Amazon here). You can also buy the pinless version of this moisture meter here.

If you live in the UK I recommend this moisture meter here. We have 3 in the family. It’s a really great moisture meter and perfect for checking our wood before being burnt.


A toolset is an essential bit of kit for whatever type of fireplace or stove you have in your home.

My favorite toolset is the Pleasant Hearth Arched Fireplace Toolset (click here for the link to Amazon to see the latest price), which is a sleek and stylish set with shovel, brush and poker; everything you need to help keep a fire going and cleaned.

If you’re in the UK I highly recommend the Fire Via Arc Fire Tool Set found here. We have it in our home and we LOVE IT. It’s so stylish and fits in great with the rest of our living room and open fireplace.


Ensuring that a fire gets going quickly when lit helps to bring your fireplace or stove up to operating temperature as quickly as possible.

Lighting a fire at numerous points helps the fire to spread to the initial bits of wood more quickly, and long matches are great at allowing you to light as many places as possible.

We always use long matches when lighting fires in our fireplace and stoves, and so I highly recommend these Plow and Hearth Long Reach Matches (click the link to go to Amazon to see the latest price).

If you’re in the UK, then these Manor Long Fireside Matches are the ones we always buy and use.


The handles on our wood stoves can get very hot and so we always wear gloves when adding wood to our open fireplaces or stoves.

I recommend these WZQH Multi Purpose Fireplace Gloves, while if you’re in the UK I would go with the De Vielle Heritage Leather Stove Gloves.

Log Holder

Cold wood is harder to burn in your fireplace or stove, and so if you’re bringing in wood from outside or from colder place within your home, it’s much better to leave any logs you’ll be burning by your fireplace to allow them to warm up to room temperature before being burnt.

You should therefore consider buying this Amagabeli Fireplace Log Rack. It can hold a large number of logs and even comes with an added toolset on the sides of the rack.

Stove Thermometer

Wood burning stoves help you to increase the amount of heat provided to your home compared to open fires, but to get the most amount of heat you need to keep your stove at the optimum temperature for best operation.

If you have any form of stove then you need to get a thermometer for it. We have one on both our stoves and it allows us to make sure that we’re not running the stove too hot which would lead to inefficient burning and going through the wood much more quickly.

I therefore highly recommend getting this Midwest Heath Stove Thermometer to go on your stovepipe. The thermometer makes it simple to understand what temperature you should be running your stove at. If you’re in the UK then this Maison & White Stove Thermometer is the one we use on our own wood burning stove, and it’s easy to see whether our stove is running too hot.