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Do Electric Fireplaces Have Light Bulbs?

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Electric fireplaces don’t have a real flame, but instead produce an imitation of a real fire with light effects. Do electric fireplaces therefore have light bulbs?

Some models of electric fireplace use an LED screen to provide an image of a fire, while other electric fireplaces produce the effect of flames through the use of light bulbs or LEDs with rotating mirrors.

Some more modern electric fireplaces are now using LEDs over halogen bulbs. My freestanding electric fireplace uses LEDs to create the effect of glowing logs and flames.

I’ve shown below where the lights are located inside my freestanding electric fireplace, and they help an electric fireplace create the imitation of having a real fire in your home.

Do Electric Fireplaces Have Light Bulbs?

As electric fireplaces don’t have real flames, there needs to be another way for the flame effect to be created and the heat to be produced.

Electric fireplaces therefore either use LED screens to produce the image of a roaring fire, or use a light source (halogen bulbs or LEDs) to produce the effect of flames by reflecting the light in a particular pattern to imitate flames.

The light bulbs or LEDs that are used to produce the flame effects don’t also produce the heat. Electric fireplaces have separate components that produce the heat in the form of heating elements and blowers, or infrared heaters.

Below are pictures showing the inside of my freestanding electric fireplace. The top compartment contains the light bulb/LED and the fire effect components, and the lower compartment contains the heater components.

Inside Electric Fireplace
The inside of my freestanding electric fireplace
Electric Fireplace Flames
The flame effect components
Electric Fireplace Heater Blower
The heater components

The light bulb or series of LEDs inside an electric fireplace will typically be located near the middle of the unit. The LEDs on my electric fireplace are located in the middle of the top compartment.

Electric Fireplace LED
The LED lights that help create the flame effects. The lights can also be a typical halogen bulb

The lights are found just under the backing screen and logs. The pictures below show the backing screen and logs when the lights on the fireplace are off, as well as what they look like when the lights are switched on.

Electric Fireplace Logs
The logs and screen when the fireplace is off
The flame effects when the fireplace is switched on

When the lights are switched on, a rod with angled pieces of reflective plastic start rotating just behind the lights at the back of the fireplace. Light is then reflected off the angled reflective pieces from the bulbs or LEDs, and onto the backing screen to produce the effect of flames.

Electric Fireplace Rotating Mirrors
The reflective pieces that create the flame effect

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  1. I am looking for an electric stove type fire for my daughter. I have noticed that some of them have LED lighting rather than bulbs. When a bulb blows it is usually easily replaced but what do you do if the LED fails: are these replaceable? I have seen one make that says they are not. Is this true of them all?

    1. Author

      Hi Evelyn, I’m not sure about all brands but the manual for my electric fireplace states that there are ‘no user-serviceable parts’ meaning that it can’t be replaced by myself.

      I wouldn’t worry about LEDs failing, they are designed to last for a VERY long time. This article explains you would have to use your electric fireplace 12 hours a day for 11 years before the average LED would stop working.


      If the light is faulty and breaks within the first year you should be covered under a warranty.


  2. Thank you so much for your reply. The article was very informative too. I was concerned because lack of funds means I am looking at the cheaper fires, which tend to come from China, which is not known for the quality of its products. I guess you pay your money and you take your chance. Evelyn

  3. im looking for a wall mounted electric fire in black that doesnt need a bulb as they are to hard to change can you help ??

  4. I am purchasing an electric fireplace TV stand for my living room. I had a small cheaper model in my bedroom that was noisy when it was on, and the flame was not very realistic. I saw your review and 12 top ratings. Can you tell me why you chose the Wallace as your #1? Thank-you!

    1. Author

      Hi Luanne, the Wallace uses some of the latest and best flame technology for realistic fires, as a well benefiting from an infrared heater. It looks stunning and has numerous 5 star reviews that showcase its popularity.

      It’s the best all round electric fireplace TV stand.


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