Where The Flue On A Wood Burning Stove Is Located (With Pictures)

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The flue on a wood burning stove helps to remove waste gases and smoke from a stove out of your home.

So where is the flue on a wood stove?

The flue on a wood burning stove is located at the top of the body of stove, and typically extends straight out the top of the stove, or out the back of the unit with an upwards bend.

I’ve explained below where the flue is located and what it looks like on both our wood burning and multi fuel stoves.

Where Is The Flue On A Wood Burning Stove?

You’ll be able to identify the flue on a wood burning as it’s the pipe that protrudes out the top or back of the stove and typically continuous up out of your home either through the ceiling, up through the chimney or up the outside of an external wall.

Here’s what the flue looks like on our wood stove and multi fuel stove:

The flue sticking out the top of our wood burning stove
The flue sticking out the top of our multi fuel stove

The part that sticks out the top of the stove can also be known as the stovepipe.

As our stoves were installed within open fireplaces, both the flues on our stoves continue upwards through the chimney.

As the stovepipe extends up into a chimney, it passes what’s known as a register plate or closure plate, which acts a seal at the base of the chimney for safety and aesthetic reasons.

I’ve explained register/closure plates in more detail here, but the below shows one of our closure plates with the flue from the stove going through it.

Register Plate
The closure plate, a piece of metal at the base of the chimney which the flue passes through

After the stovepipe passes through the register plate, it typically connects to a flue liner.

Our flue liners are flexible pipes made from stainless steel that connect the stovepipe to the top of the chimney. This series of pipes ensures that all waste gases and smoke leave your home safely and effectively.

This whole length of stovepipe and flue liner from the stove to the outside can be referred to as the flue.

I’ve explained all the other parts of a wood stove in another article here.

The part that connects a wood burning stove to the flue can be known as the flue collar.

As the flues on our stoves stick directly out the top, they can be seen from the inside, just behind the baffle plate (more about baffle plates here).

The flue is located just behind the baffle
You can see the outlet to the flue from the inside of our stoves

The flue/stovepipe can also be where a damper can be found. I’ve explained everything you need to know about dampers here, but they can typically be found on older models of stove when the draw on the stove needs to be adjusted.

A damper is essentially a circular metal plate that sits inside the flue, with a handle that sticks out through the wall of the flue. The damper can be rotated using the handle to open or close it.

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