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How Much Do Pellet Stoves Weigh? (Are They Heavy?)

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Pellet stoves are relatively large solid fuel burning appliances that can be installed within a home to help generate heat.

Pellet stoves typically have a metal body with a number of internal mechanical and electrical components that help to make the burning process more automated with minimal user input, and so how heavy are pellet stoves as a result?

The average weight of a pellet stove can be 250lbs (113kg) but can usually be found within the range of 200-300lbs (90-136kgs) depending on the model of stove. Pellet stoves with integrated boilers may weigh upwards of 1,000lbs.

Our own pellet stove is heavy but is actually lighter in weight compared to our multi fuel stove even though it’s much larger. On the other hand, our pellet stove is heavier than our wood burning stove.

To explain how much pellet stoves weigh and whether you can expect them to be heavy we’ve used our own pellet stove to discuss in more detail below:

  • How heavy pellet stoves are.
  • How much pellet stoves weigh.
  • Pellet stove weight compared to wood stove weight.

How Heavy Are Pellet Stoves?

Pellet stoves are heavy appliances that can’t typically be lifted by one person. Pellet stoves may arrive on a pallet and will need to be moved to the installation location using two pairs of hands or a trolley.

Our own pellet stove is a very heavy appliance.

It was delivered onto our driveway on a pallet using a truck and we needed help moving it to our garage for storage, before it was to be moved into our home for installation.

Pellet Stove Packaging
Due to the weight of our pellet stove it was delivered on a pallet using machinery

We were warned by the seller of this pellet stove that it would be a heavy product.

We therefore bought a trolley to help move it from the garage to our living room, which we felt more comfortable doing than simply having two people carry it to its installation location.

Pellet Stove Transport
We used a trolley to move the pellet stove from our garage into our house because it was too heavy to carry safely without

As pellet stoves are typically heavy appliances, it may be worth seeing if you can get the delivery company to carry it into your home. For insurance reasons, the delivery company of our own pellet stove couldn’t bring it into the house.

How Much Do Pellet Stoves Weigh?

Standard home appliance pellet stoves for space heating purposes only can typically range between 200 and 300lbs (90-136kg) but may be more or less depending on the model of stove. Pellet stoves that have integrated boilers will weigh much more than a standard pellet stove.

Our own pellet stove weighs 103kg (227lbs).

It’s a 6.1kW (21,000BTU) nominal heat output pellet stove.

You can expect that higher heat output pellet stoves will weigh more and lower heat output ones to weigh less, but this will also come down to a range of factors including the materials used, number of components and features, hopper sizes, among other things.

However, this may not always be the case with different heat output models under the same brand and may be the same weight even if they have different heat outputs.

For example, our pellet stove is a 8kW (27,000BTU) maximum heat output stove, but a 10kW (34,000BTU) version is also available. The weights of these stoves are the same even though the outputs differ:

  • 8kW (27,000BTU) version = 103kg (227lbs)
  • 10kW (34,000BTU) version = 103kg (227lbs)
Pellet Stove Front
Pellet stoves with greater heat output potential may be heavier than those with less

The type of pellet stove will also typically affect the weight. These types of pellet stoves include:

The difference in weight between freestanding pellet stoves (like ours) and pellet stove inserts may not be much different as they will use the same components but packed into a different shell.

However, the main difference in weight will typically be between freestanding/insert pellet stoves and pellet boilers.

Pellet boilers have back boilers integrated into them and will be used for central heating purposes only. Some models of pellet stove may be a hybrid of both space heating and central heating.

For example, the manufacturer of our own pellet stove also has a range of pellet boiler appliances that are far heavier than our freestanding pellet stove.

Appliance Weight
6.1kW (27kBTU) Freestanding Pellet Stove 103kg (227lbs)
 18.3kW (62kBTU) Hybrid Pellet Stove 268kg (590lbs)
20.2kW (69kBTU) Pellet Boiler 260kg (573lbs)
36.3kW (124kBTU) Pellet Boiler 412kg (908lbs)

These are just the weights of the pellet stoves available from the same manufacturer as our own pellet stove but gives an idea of what you can expect the different types of pellet stove to weigh.

Pellet stoves also hold their fuel in the form of pellets inside the stove within a hopper, rather than being manually added to the stove during a fire as would be done with other forms of wood stove.

This means that a pellet stove will be heavier when the hopper is full of fuel.

The capacity of the hopper in our own pellet stove 24kg, meaning that the 103kg pellet stove weighs 127kg when full of pellets.

Bag Of Wood Pellets
Adding pellets to the hopper will add weight to a pellet stove

Pellet Stove vs Wood Stove Weight

A pellet stove can weigh a similar amount to a wood burning stove even through a pellet stove can be much larger in size. The body of a wood or multi fuel stove absorbs the heat in order to distribute it to the room and so can be thicker and heavier than the body of a pellet stove.

Our pellet stove weighs more than our wood burning stove but less than our multi fuel stove, even though it’s much larger in size.

As an example of how much a pellet stove weighs compared to other forms of wood stove, the table below shows the weights of the three forms of stove we own and use.

Appliance Weight
Pellet Stove 103kg (227lbs)
Wood Burning Stove 79kg (174lbs)
Multi Fuel Stove 125kg (275lbs)
Wood Burning Stove & Multi Fuel Stove
Our pellet stove is lighter in weight compared to our multi fuel stove (left) even though its double the size, but is still heavier than our wood burning stove (right)

This is just a comparison of the weights between our own stoves and will be different depending on the models of stoves compared, but gives an idea of what you can expect different forms of stove to weigh.

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