Parkray Aspect 5 Review

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The Parkray Aspect 5 is a wood burning stove manufactured by Hunter Stoves.

We’ve been using this wood burning stove for a few years and so I’ve put together this review to explain what we love about this stove, and what we don’t quite like.

You can check the latest price and buy the Aspect 5 wood burning stove here.

This review is of the Slimline version of the stove, which has the same features as the Aspect 5 but in a slimmer body.

Here’s what our Parkray Aspect 5 looks like in our fireplace:

Looks & Build Quality

The Parkray Aspect 5 is a brilliant looking modern wood burning stove. It has a black steel body with large glass panel within the door for us to enjoy the fire through.

The Parkray Aspect 5 look great in black with the stainless steel handle
The large glass door gives us a great view of the fire

We also opted for the stainless steel door handle that really finishes off the look.

The stove is also very well built and sturdy. The baffle, located just above the fire inside the stove, is still in good working order.

The stove is in a good condition even after many fires

Heat Output

The Aspect 5 Slimline has a nominal heat output of 4.9kW, which is the same for the non-slimline version.

When using this stove it really puts out a lot of heat. You definitely won’t need to wear a jumper when this wood stove is running.

The Aspect 5 Slimline has an efficiency 78.9% meaning that’s it’s very good at generating the most amount of heat from every piece of wood. The great heat output is also thanks to Tripleburn Technology that helps to burn waste gases from the fire to produce even more heat.


The Parkray Aspect 5 is very easy to use wood burning stove. There’s only one controllable air vent on the stove, which makes much easier to control the fire compared to wood burning stove with two or more controllable air vents.

Wood Stove Vent
There’s only one controllable vent and makes it easy to have a fire in the stove

We’ve also never found it hard to start a fire inside this stove. Plenty of air can get to the fire through the air vents and we very rarely need to keep the door open to get a fire going.


The Aspect 5 has both secondary burn and air wash designed into the stove.

Air vents located on the back of the stove help to bring fresh air into the firebox just above the fire, which the stove to burn waste gases from the fire to produce more heat through secondary combustion.

Wood Stove Tertiary Air Vents
Tertiary air vents at the back of the Aspect 5 to help burn the wood more efficiently

These air vents can’t be controlled but ensures that the stove is always burning wood as efficiently as possible.

The Parkray Aspect 5 is also DEFRA Approved for burning wood, and so can be used in Smoke Control Areas within the UK thanks to being able to burn wood very cleanly.

We don’t live in a smoke control area, but a smoke control kit can be retrofitted to this stove to allow it to be used in Smoke Control Areas.

This wood stove also has air wash, which helps to keep the glass clean during operation. We’ve found that this feature doesn’t work quite as well as we’d like it to, and so we find that we’re having to give the glass door a through clean every so often.

We find that the Aspect 5 Slimline is prone to blackening on the glass
Stove Glass Cleaner
The stuff we use to clean the glass door
Stove Glass Clean
The Aspect 5 looks great when the glass is clean

We’re unsure of whether the blackening of the glass is a result of us having the slimline version.


Although the Aspect 5 is a wood burning stove and therefore designed to burn wood only, you can buy a kit that converts the stove into a multi fuel stove, allowing you to burn other types of solid fuel such as coal.


A great modern looking wood burning stove that’s easy to use, is very efficient and puts out a lot of heat.

We love this stove and would highly recommend it to anyone. You can check the latest price and buy the Aspect 5 stove here.


  • High heat output
  • Great build quality
  • Easy to get a fire going


  • Can’t retrofit a smoke control kit


  1. We have the same appliance.

    I find that if you fire it up quickly at a high temperature then turn it down the glass does not blacken.
    Maybe there is a little bit of “dust” on the glass after an hour or so but this can be wiped off with a bit of kitchen roll (wearing a glove!) and it will not return during the same burning session.

  2. Nice review – I have just installed this stove and the manual introduced me to ‘Top down’ fire lighting. I notice the picture shows a fuel charge arranged conventionally with lighters and kindling on the bottom. Starting the fire this way may help with keeping glass clean

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