How Much Does A Multi Fuel Stove Cost To Install?

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Multi fuel stoves can be installed as standalone appliances in a home or installed directly into existing open fireplaces.

Multi fuel stoves help to increase the efficiency of burning solid fuels in your home, but at the expense of a larger upfront cost to have a stove installed.

So how much does a multi fuel stove cost to install?

The total cost of installation for our own multi fuel stove in an existing fireplace came to $3,200 (£2,400), where the stove unit cost $2,000 (£1,500), the cost of the flue liner and installation came to $1,000 (£750), and the register plate and installation cost $200 (£150).

The actual cost to install a multi fuel stove will always vary between one house to another, but can largely depend on:

  • The size and quality of the stove.
  • Whether the stove will be placed within an existing fireplace, or located in another area of the home.
  • Whether a chimney will need to be lined to accommodate a multi fuel stove.
  • How far the flue will need to travel to extend above the house.
  • The prices set by professional or company installing the stove and/or flue.

To give you an idea of what you can expect to pay to have a multi fuel stove installed inside an existing fireplace in your home, I’ve explained how much it cost to have our own multi fuel stove installed in our living room fireplace.

How Much To Install A Multi Fuel Stove

The Stove

The largest cost can typically be the stove itself. Our multi fuel stove cost $2,000 (£1,500) to purchase, but came with free delivery.

Clearview Vision 500

The delivery included placing it within our open fireplace, but we didn’t pay for complete installation because we hadn’t yet had the flue liner fitted.

There are certainly cheaper multi fuel stoves on the market and it also wasn’t the most expensive, but we wanted a good quality brand of stove that would be built to last. The multi fuel stove also needed to have an 8kW heat output to be able to heat the size of our living room.

The Flue Liner

As the multi fuel stove was being installed in our existing open fireplace, the chimney needed to be lined with a stainless steel flue liner.

We had purchased the flue liner prior to delivery of the stove. Our house is two floors high, and the cost of the stainless steel flue liner came to $650 (£500).

We had the flue liner installed by a professional, who dropped the liner down from the top of the chimney to the stove. The cost of this installation came to $250 (£200), but expect to pay more if using a company to install the liner rather than a single professional.

The professional also connected the flue to the top of the stovepipe, which was included within the flue liner installation cost.

The flue liner was dropped down the chimney and connected to the stovepipe sticking out the top of our multi fuel stove

The chimney cowling was also purchased and installed at a cost of $65 (£50).

Register Plate

The chimney also had to be capped off at the bottom with a register plate.

The register plate helps to ensure no other airflow up the chimney apart from through the multi fuel stove and up the flue.

The cost of the register plate came to $65 (£50) and installation of the plate cost $130 (£100).

Multi Fuel Stove

Here’s a photo of our multi fuel stove in our living room fireplace. The stove puts out an incredible amount of heat and we’ve never regretted paying the upfront costs to have the stove installed for the long term benefit.

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