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How To Open An Electric Fireplace

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Electric fireplaces come with a number of electrical components that may need servicing, cleaning or replacing over time, and so it’s important to know how to open an electric fireplace to get access to these components.

I’ve therefore put together this guide to explain how to open and take apart a typical electric fireplace, using my own electric fireplace as a reference throughout the article.

How To Open A Freestanding Electric Fireplace

Below is a picture of my electric fireplace stove. I’ll be showing you how I opened this particular electric fireplace to get the electrical components inside.

Electric Fireplace Upright

Freestanding electric fireplaces can typically be opened at the back. I wasn’t able to securely lay the fireplace face down on the floor because of the handles on the front of the unit, and so I had to leave it standing upright to open it.

Electric Fireplace Back

To open your electric fireplace, you’ll need a screwdriver and some rubber gloves.

Open Electric Fireplace

To open an electric fireplace by removing the back plate, simply remove the screws one by one from the back of the fireplace unit. When opening my electric fireplace, I worked up from the base of the unit so that the last screw was at the top.

Electric Fireplace Screws Removed
Remove the screws from the bottom of the electric fireplace first

Be sure not to remove any screws that aren’t holding the back plate on, but are instead holding the fireplace structure together.

Electric Fireplace Screw
Don’t unscrew any screws that aren’t holding the back panel on as these are holding the fireplace structure together

Hold the back plate as you unscrew the last screw, and it will come away from the electric fireplace as the last screw is removed.

Electric Fireplace Back Removed

To see what it looks like inside an electric fireplace, click here for another one of my articles showing you exactly what I found inside this electric fireplace.

To replace the back cover on an electric fireplace, work your way back down the unit from the top with the screws. Be sure not to over tighten the screws as you’re putting them back in.

Open Electric Fireplace

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