Fireplace Ideas With TV Above

Putting An Electric Fireplace And TV On The Same Wall

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Using an electric fireplace alongside a TV can make for pleasant viewing and create a focal point for a room, but can an electric fireplace be on the same wall as a TV?

A TV can be placed above an electric fireplace on the same wall as long as the TV doesn’t block the outlet to the heater on the electric fireplace, or be in the way of the heat.

Different types of electric fireplace can use alternative means of providing heat, while the heater on an electric fireplace can also be located in different positions between different models.

We’ve explained below what you need to consider when placing a TV above an electric fireplace on the same wall, and how we’re looking to install an electric fireplace below the TV in our kitchen.

Electric Fireplace And TV On The Same Wall

While it’s not recommended to install a TV over an open wood burning fireplace, many choose to install a TV and electric fireplace on the same wall to create a focal point for a room, through features such as an entertainment center.

Fireplace Ideas With TV Above
An example of a TV above an electric fireplace on the same wall

So why can an electric fireplace be put on the same wall (with the TV typically above) while you can’t install a TV over a real open fireplace?

Electric fireplaces work differently to other types of fireplaces (such as wood burning and gas) because there’s no real fire inside. This gives more flexibility when it comes to installing an electric fireplace in a home, including being able to install a TV close by.

We’ve explained how an electric fireplace works in more detail here but the flames are typically created by reflecting light off rotating mirrors onto a screen, while the heat is generated by a heater component inside the fireplace.

These heaters are more commonly fan forced that use a blower and heating element to force warm air out into the room (much like a space heater), but ceramic or infrared heaters can also be used. These forms of heaters direct the heat in a certain direction and don’t radiate heat out in every direction like a real fireplace fire.

Our electric fireplace stove uses a conventional fan forced heater to generate the heat. It’s located underneath the unit and blows hot air out of the front of the fireplace. Heat doesn’t come out of any other part and the electric fireplace isn’t hot to the touch apart from where the hot air comes out.

Underneath Electric Fireplace
The heater located underneath our electric fireplace stove

As an electric fireplace typically only generates hot air in a certain direction, we have no issues with having our TV located above our electric fireplace on the same wall.

We have an open fireplace in our kitchen and we like to place our electric fireplace stove inside this real fireplace to add a focal point to the room and to warm the room whenever we need.

We’ve also installed a TV above this open fireplace.

We don’t use the fireplace for real fires as we use the open fireplace in our living room for wood burning fires, and so we felt comfortable installing the TV above the fireplace.

When it comes to deciding whether you can install an electric fireplace and TV on the same wall, with typically having the TV located above the electric fireplace, you’ll first need to consider what type of electric fireplace will be best suited.

We go into more detail about the different types of electric fireplace here, but the types of electric fireplace best suited for installation on the surface or recessed into a wall include:

  • Wall mount electric fireplaces
  • Electric fireplace inserts
An example of a wall mount electric fireplace

Wall mount electric fireplaces are designed to be installed directly on the surface of a wall, much like how you would hang a TV on a wall with a bracket.

They will need a nearby electrical outlet in order to plug into (without using any sort of extension cable for safety reasons) and a flat surface wall to be installed onto. Many models of wall mount electric fireplace also allow you to partially recess or fully recess them into walls for a more built-in look.

For more information about wall mount electric fireplaces see our detailed buyers guide here.

An example of an electric fireplace insert

Electric fireplaces inserts can be used for a variety of installations including within walls and existing open fireplaces.

Inserts can typically be found in either plug-in form or built-in.

Plug-in electric fireplace inserts work well for installations in existing open fireplaces, while built-in electric fireplace inserts are great for installations within walls when less space is available for clearance at the back of the unit.

To find out more we have a guide to the best built-in electric fireplaces as well as a guide to the best electric fireplace inserts for your existing fireplace.

We’ve been considering getting a plug-in electric fireplace insert for our existing fireplace within our kitchen. To make the fireplace look more built in we would need to have an electrical outlet installed within the firebox of the existing fireplace.

Even though we have a TV mounted on the wall above the fireplace there wouldn’t be an issue with installing an electric fireplace insert in the existing fireplace because the TV would be located far enough away.

You’ll also need to take into consideration where the heater is located on an electric fireplace.

When installing a TV above an electric fireplace on the same wall it’s important to take into account where the heat is coming out of the fireplace and in which direction. You don’t want the TV in the way of the heater as it may cause damage to the TV.

The location of the heater will differ between type and model of electric fireplace. While our electric fireplace stove has a heater located underneath, many other types of fireplace will have the heater located towards the top.

For electric fireplace inserts the heat will typically be directed out the front of the unit and so installing a TV above an electric fireplace insert shouldn’t be a problem.

For wall mount electric fireplaces, the heater may be located either at the top or the bottom of the unit. A TV should therefore be installed on the wall with a sufficient distance away from the heater.

Check to see in which direction your electric fireplace directs the heat and install your TV far enough away from the heater accordingly.

There can also be different types of heater in electric fireplaces, with the two most common being:

  • Fan forced heaters
  • Infrared heaters

Fan forced heaters have a blower that forces cooler air over a heating element and provides warm air to the room. A TV should not be located directly in the way of this hot air being blown out. These heaters will heat the air within a room so that all of the air remains at a constant temperature.

Infrared heaters use infrared light to transmit warmth. A TV should not be located in the path of infrared heaters otherwise the heat will be transferred to the TV and may cause damage. For more information we have another article explaining infrared electric fireplaces in more detail.

Can You Put An Electric Fireplace Under A TV?

An electric fireplace can be installed under a TV but it must be ensured that the TV doesn’t block the heater on the fireplace.

Different models of electric fireplace will have the heater located in different positions. If you’re putting an electric fireplace under a TV then look to buy an electric fireplace that has a heater located towards the bottom of the unit.

This will help to ensure that the TV is located as far away from the heater as possible and to help prevent the TV from being damaged.

How Close Can A TV Be To An Electric Fireplace?

There’s no certain distance a TV should be located away from an electric fireplace but the further away the better.

Take into consideration where the heater is located on the electric fireplace and adjust the distance from the fireplace to the TV accordingly.

The TV should not be exposed to the heat being generated from an electric fireplace.


In the majority of cases it can be fine to install a TV above an electric fireplace, but always take into account where the heat is coming out of the fireplace and locate the TV accordingly.

A TV should not be located in the path of the heat being generated by an electric fireplace.

Be sure to space an electric fireplace and TV apart on the same wall.

The most ideal types of electric fireplaces for use alongside a TV on the same wall are wall mount electric fireplaces, and plug-in or built-in electric fireplace inserts.

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